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Available Puppies & Older Adults

Last updated 5/16/2024

buster foster x tipsy.jpg

Prince x Rosie 
Monday x Jewel

Foster x Rosie

Buster/Foster x Tipsy

Several breedings planned for summer 2024 puppies. Please contact me for further details.

Puppies are sold as pets only with limited registration, which means no breeding rights. Part of my contract requires the puppy be spayed/neutered if they are sold as a pet. Dogs sold as show prospects have separate contracts and such placements are considered on an individual basis.  

Pet puppies are $2500. Pricing for show prospects and older juniors/adults varies.

Please click the button below to review my pet puppy contract if you are interested. 

Please make sure you talk to several breeders if you are considering making a pug part of your family! The relationship with a reputable breeder will last a lifetime, and it needs to be someone you feel comfortable with. 

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